I am a native of the panhandle. I was born in Milton, Florida in 1966. My family ties span from Andalusia, Alabama on my Fathers side to Quincy Florida on my Mothers. My children were born here along with my Grandchildren. I am proud of our community and all of the diversity that makes it my home.  

  I have always been interested in building things.  The first home I built was a log cabin, constructed using Lincoln logs when I was a boy. I have always enjoyed working with my hands. As a teenager I went to work for a local contractor as a helper one summer to save money for my first truck. By the end of the summer I had my first truck and a career path; I knew I wanted to be a Builder. I still drive by that first house I helped build that summer. 

  After serving in the Army I came home and went back to work building houses.  After a couple of years working for a custom framer, I started my own framing company.  By the end of the 20th Century I was building large scale commercial projects as a Superintendent for a large nationwide contractor. I have built shopping malls, hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes.  I really enjoyed the challenges that the large commercial projects brought.  I was able to add skills working with concrete and steel. In 2007 I took my contractors license exam for Florida and haven't looked back since.

  The most satisfying work that I have done in my life is historic restoration work.  I really enjoy the challenges of bringing an old building into the 21st Century.  The attention to detail that the craftsmen of the past possessed is the same attention to detail I possess.  I had the opportunity to learn from some of the old guys and for that I'm truly thankful.  "Close enough is never good enough, and never will be".  That is without a doubt the best lesson I learned as a young carpenter and it still rings true today.  If it's not done right, it's wrong, period. 

  I only want to build a few EXCEPTIONAL custom homes a year.  With my hands-on approach, I don't believe that it's fair to the homeowners that I work with to allow myself to be spread too thin.  I don't want to be the biggest builder in the area, but I do strive to be the best.  I do have young craftsmen that work with me that help me carry the load though.  I believe that it is important to share the knowledge that I have learned and pass it to the next generation.  With my lifetime of building custom homes and commercial projects, along with my own personal style, I can build you a house you will be proud to call your home.

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First City Builders owner Tracey Bass

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